By following your lead last month and switching my 401k to the money market funds last month I save over $10K (and going up) so far. THANK YOU,

Spreading the word...
Hey gang
Saw a copy of the maximizer. I really enjoyed reading it. A simple source of info to use and research. Could I please get a subscription?

Hello. I am a current 401kmaximizer client and am extremely happy with your service. I'd be glad to take a look at the ETF newsletter.

Have appreciated your 401kMaximizer info and have passed it on to others. Would really like to have the ETF info too.

Thank you for watching and letting us know.


My 401K seems to be doing better. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work...


Thank you.  I must tell you that I followed your advise and I did maximize my 401K as much as possible!! Thanks,


By the way your PDF 401-K Maximizer is a work of art and very clear, concise and extremely helpful.
Thank you for your help!


Flew with a guy that is very satisfied with your product. Let me know what I need to do to sign up.


Thanks a lot! Appreciate your help. I'll let everybody know how awesome you guys are.


Thanks much, you guys do a great job with your research.


Great news letter, your advice helps simplify the selection process giving me more time to devote to other areas of my life.
Thank you,

I'm happy to pay for the subscription because I (and my financial planner) feel that you offer a very valuable product. I'm already spreading the word to my colleagues about your great product.  Keep up the good work.


Trading was taking too much time and I needed to get my life back.  Your plan allows me to relax a little more and still get good returns.  Please keep up the good work.  I have been spreading the word about your service.

I really like the newsletter you produce for Americans 401K.  I'd like to help lobby for positive changes to our 401K.


I wanted to thank you for your great advice.  I have been looking at
the difference between conservative and aggressive for sometime now and have drawn the same conclusions as you.  I had made the decision but your last newsletter solidified my choice.  keep up the great job! 


I signed a two year contract with 401k Maximizer. 

I own a financial services firm which acts as a market maker in a secondary market for life insurance contracts.  I know a lot about what I do, and very little about equities. 

I ran a several statistical analyses of your three model portfolio's performance versus EZTracker's, and your conservative model won a very high number of  the runs, as I varied the assumptions.

Lesson I've learned...hire smart people with the expertise and experience who need, don't waste your time trying to duplicate it.  I've already rebalanced my 401k to follow your conservative portfolio model.


Wow! I didn't expect an answer today, and then from the COO!  Very cool.
Thanks for your input.  I am committed to the marathon, although, for me, there are only about 6 -10 years left to recover and build from the last few months.  I look forward to working with your company. Best to you and thanks for your prompt attention.


With all the craziness of the airlines, you people have maintained your heading.

Good job my friends. Lets continue to build our future.