401k Maximizer, Inc. specializes in developing superior systems for managing retirement plan assets.

If you are a Delta employee we encourage you to sign up for the DELTA 401k Maximizer newsletter in order to gain a better understanding of how the 401k Maximizer system works. If you are a DELTA employee, this is the newsletter for you. This newsletter provides monthly recommendations for the DELTA Airlines retirement plans for both pilots and non-pilots.

There are many benefits to our recommendations.  For example, a big benefit is that when markets drop like they did in 2008 our systems outperform.  In fact during that time the S&P was down by 38% while our DELTA Aggressive recommendations made money.  Quite an outstanding feat -- and a clear example of the value of solid analytic based investing.

For those subscribers who take advantage of Delta's brokerage window giving you the opportunity to purchase other securities outside of the funds in the Delta plans, 401 Maximizer publishes the ETF Maximizer Newsletter.  

Here are the results for the last 13 years of the DELTA 401k Maximizer Portfolios. Our published recommendations started in 2010.


 It’s easy to get started, just visit  www.401kMaximizer.com and click on Subscriber Now.