401k Maximizer was developed so that every employee at Southwest Airlines can have a powerful, easy tool to invest their 401K and profit sharing dollars. Every employee should be taking advantage of the tax deferred power of our 401K Plan. But most of us just don't know how to maximize our returns and limit our risk when the market turns down. Finally, we have a powerful tool and system with 401k Maximizer recommendations.

401k Maximizer will show you how to grow your 401K and profit sharing accounts and avoid losses that threaten your retirement. In a couple of minutes each month you'll know exactly which funds to buy, and how much exposure to the market you should have in the following month.

Most employees are not taking advantage of the opportunity to build wealth in their retirement accounts. One of your best assets is languishing and dying on the vine because you are too busy or aren't sure about what to do with it.

401k Maximizer solves 401K plan and profit sharing fund selection decisions immediately. 401k Maximizer gives busy employees the bottom line on what to do with their retirement accounts, so they can build a secure retirement and not worry about their money.

How many times have we all witnessed colleagues working weekends, holidays or all night shifts just to pick up a few extra dollars in after tax money. And yet those same folks won't take 10 minutes a month to manage their retirement monies which will have a far greater impact on their financial future than those few extra hours every month on the job. Remember, that 401k dollars are all tax deferred while salaries are taxable. So do yourself, and your family, a favor and make it a habit to spend the 10 minutes every month it takes to re-allocate those 401k dollars.

During the last week of every month 401k Maximizer shows you which funds to own, and how much exposure Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive investors should have in the market, the following month. Then on a rolling week by week basis during the course of the month we analyze the risk/reward potential of the overall market and communicate if any significant changes occur which would warrant you to reduce or increase your market exposure and how. Stay safely on track toward reaching a secure retirement. This service will show you when to avoid high-risk times in the markets and times when the odds for solid growth are in your favor. Then it's just a matter of following the fund recommendations.

The power of this approach is so effective that you will soon be telling other employees you work with about the difference it has made in your 401K plan since you signed up. Because every Southwest Airlines employee deserves the peace of mind of a secure retirement we want each of you to maximize your 401K and profit sharing investment returns. You owe it to yourself to subscribe and spend a few minutes each month adjusting your fund selections to match the 401k Maximizer recommendations. A secure retirement is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Don't hesitate, subscribe now and start turning your tax deferred retirement dollars into retirement security 401k plans were meant to be.