We provide three investing methods for you to choose from depending on your risk tolerance and objectives. Each method is described below.

The 401kMaximizer Conservative Method

This approach holds a significant percentage of its holdings in the safety of money market or fixed income investments.  Subscribers approaching retirement, or in retirement, or subscribers who just don’t want to see their account values decrease a lot from their peak value should carefully consider following this approach as it’s the easiest approach to live with as the market goes through bull and bear cycles.

The 401kMaximizer Moderate Method

The Moderate risk Method invests the majority of the total portfolio in the top ranked funds each month and slightly less than half of the total portfolio in the safety of money market or fixed income investments.

Title The 401kMaximizer Aggressive Method

This method is always 100% invested in the top ranked funds each month. This approach has the most risk of all of the three approaches but will in all likelihood outperform the other two approaches over time although with much more volatility.

This approach has the greatest amount of risk because it is invested in the market 100% of the time.

The Aggressive method is for folks who want to have 100% exposure to the markets at all times. Consequently, it will have the highest draw downs of the three methods but historical testing and real time results show that it will prospectively have the highest returns as long as the overall major market indexes trend sideways or up.